Monitoring Patient Smiles

What gets measured gets done. But how do we measure smiles?

Forum has a proven method to measure patient smiles. Based on the concept of Net Promoter Score and over 25 years of market research experience in Netherlands, we quantify the patient smiles at a hospital. More than just ratings and numbers, our technique allows us to capture rich quality emotional status of the patient and their family members.

Our questionnaire is designed employs a top down approach to elicit information from the patient. Starting with broad questions, our questionnaire is designed to capture patient experience and perceptions rather than a benchmarking of internal departments and teams. For us, Patient is the centre of focus.

We have a sophisticated process of collecting responses from patients and their immediate family members. It starts with the type of research interviewers that we hire, the quality of the training, the technology deployed, the process of collecting feedback including timing, approach, understanding the context, establishing trust and confidence, and capturing the content.

Our dashboards are designed specifically for each role in a hospital - each one designed to provide specific and relevant information to each role. They present information in real time and allow the end user to filter and benchmark on various parameters.

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