Is this a new software?

  • It is more than just new software and technology. We have evolved a system of processes, systems and procedures over the years to achieve best results.

We collect feedback internally in our hospital everyday. Isn’t it the same?

  • Third party advantage (patients open up, objective)
  • Proven cloud hosted solution (not paper based, graphs in real time)
  • Leaves no stone unturned, every patient is covered, no concern is ever left alone.

Why take discharge feedback if the patients have already given feedback multiple times in the hospital? How do you handle Out-Patient feedback? Can the hospital use your data for performance appraisal of individuals? Why can I not use my hospital staff for the interviews? Will you give me just the software, and let me handle the rest? My hospital is always busy and crowded with patients. Do I still need this system? What are the primary success factors of this initiative?

  • Management intent and focus on ensuring patient smiles, existing levels of patient centricity. But this needs management overhead. I do not have any time to spare for this initiative. We believe every business owner and responsible management/administrator should monitor their customer smiles everyday, and as frequently as possible. We will ensure that no patient goes out of your hospital without anything less than a smile. Any such patient is highlighted and brought to your attention, before they leave hospital.

Can I see the changing mood of patients through out their journey in the hospital?

  • Yes, multiple feedback is taken from the same patient - once every alternate day after the first day of stay in the hospital for the patient. You will see the changing perceptions at each stage of the journey of the patient.

How do you handle data privacy? The data collection and analysis is fine, but what next? How do you handle change management in the hospital? What are the typical challenges that you notice in your implementations? What kind of IT systems should we procure?

  • Typically none. If your HoDs have access to internet enabled devices (computers or mobile phones), then you do not need to invest into any IT hardware.
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