Patient Experience

Every interaction, even a brief one, that a patient has with a hospital staff member leaves an impression on the patient. They are categorised by the patient into positive or negative and neatly tucked away in their subconscious. Even though the interaction itself may be eventually forgotten, the emotion attached to the interaction remains with the patient. The sum total of these positive and negative impressions eventually is the overall patient experience.

Our process of managing patient experience involves monitoring these positive and negative impressions, and ensuring that any negative impressions are addressed in time before they start to solidify into disenchantment and disappointment with the hospital.

Performitor, our patient experience management tool, allows us to not just capture the patient experience, but also alert appropriate hospital staff members of any negative impressions on the patients end. The tool also creates action items for the hospital staff that have to be closed within the established Turn Around Time (TAT). Action items not closed within TAT are automatically escalated to the next level manager for follow up, and further up as necessary. This ensures that every patient concern is followed up till closure.

When a hospital works this way, day in day out, taking care of each and every patient concern to the best of their ability, within a short time frame, NPS (the measure of patient smiles) starts to trend up.