Encashing Goodwill

You and your team have done all the hard work and ensured good quality outcome for the patient. The patient is now happy. He would recommend your hospital to anyone who might request an opinion, really a chance encounter. But why wait till the chance encounter happens? With our proprietary tools and systems, you can tap into this inactive goodwill and obtain referral business for your hospital. 

Patients who are promoters of the hospital as they leave the hospital are sent requests (either by SMS or email) by Performitor to "like" the hospital on FaceBook, or write a review on Google Reviews. A like by the patient would instantly reflect on the status page of all his/her friends - generating word of mouth advertisement for your hospital. This is even better considering that for most of the patient's friends, the recommendation is from a trusted person, their friend. 

Every hospital will have a few detractors, patients that leave the hospital unhappy. It is the nature of the business. Unlike old times, unhappy customers are very powerful today when they use the Internet and Social Media to vent out their feelings. According to a research study, every one negative comment requires four positive reviews to be countered and balanced in the mind of a potential customer. However, happy customers do not go out on their own to express their feelings about your hospital. They need to be nudged and reminded. With Performitor, you will have better response rates and higher level of engagement from your happy customers, thus helping you counter any negative publicity. 

A variety of other ways to tap into the goodwill can be explored when we work with you.