Employee Engagement

Good employee morale is a precursor to higher patient satisfaction levels. Patient loyalty is highly dependant on care giver (employee) commitment and engagement. Performitor is used to monitor employee engagement and use the results obtained to design initiatives that improve the employee commitment and engagement. 

A new way of managing human resources, eNPS is ideally suited for service based organizations where employees are a critical element of overall customer satisfaction. While opening up the organization for clear and transparent communication, eNPS model brings about a cultural change from the more traditional command-control management structure to a more collaborative atmosphere.

Annual appraisals are replaced by a more frequent and iterative process. Feedback is solicited from the staff at all levels and is used by line managers and unit heads to design initiatives that are appropriate for their teams.

The model builds an environment of trust and encourages employees to participate in improving the work environment. Employees become active stakeholders in the process of organizational building.