Monday, 08 January 2018 11:35

Thanks, but we have no time for you!

Many hospitals in India are still waking up to the idea of google reviews. So I was impressed with a hospital that we work with when their guest relationship manager mentioned that she responds to every google review on their hospital. I was however flummoxed to see that she had to use one of the standard responses given by her marketing dept for all reviews.

When a customer takes the time and effort to look up your business on google, rate their experience and write a review about it, how would they feel to see a canned response? What message is a business sending with such standard responses?

“Thanks for your review, but we have no time for you”.

Hospitals, and businesses, that do not treat their customers as warm people and those that do not address customers' emotions lose out on building a relationship with them. When technology reduces services to commodities, the only way to out run the competitors is by building good relationships with your existing customers. And every interaction that you have with them (yes, even a response to their google review) is a chance to build that relationship further.
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