Lost In Plain Sight

Dr. Nikita Tiwari December 16, 2019
Most of us have already been introduced to the vastness of the memory space of our brains. Boy! That is a lot of space to store information. Majority of this information resides in your subconscious mind that you are not actively aware of. Do you think that all of this hidden information is of no use to you? Well, you are not correct. Because all those gut feelings that you have while making rational decisions and also all the impulsive, irrational decisions, are rooted in this hidden knowledge that you have!

You must have experienced it yourself, that we don’t always make decisions logically, weighing the pros against cons. Rather we do what our gut tells. What appeals to us on our emotional level. The subconscious mind plays a major role in this process. You process a whole lot of information subconsciously. Isn’t it amazing, that the data that you have stored in your brain, which you are completely unaware of, is making decisions for you, again without your awareness!

But this phenomenon makes it more difficult to understand patients. It is a challenge for hospitals to understand their patients’ subconscious minds. But, it needs to be done because then only hospitals will be able to understand what is actually going on in their patients’ subconscious and then make use of this knowledge. How can hospitals know about their patients’ minds? Stay tuned and you will know how!