The SBI of Feedback

Asma Parveen December 13, 2019
“Everything is okay”- well everything is not okay when you get this in your patient feedback! This feedback is of no use to the hospital collecting it, as it elucidates no information about the patient’s experience in the hospital. It is difficult to analyze the quality of textual data, but we here at Forum Business Research have a way of doing it.

For us, good feedback is the ones that have SBI, which are Situation, Behavior, and Impact.

Situation- This part of the feedback tells us about any situation or incident that the patient experienced. It can be something related to any animate or inanimate entities.

Behavior- A good feedback also elucidates the patient’s perception of the behavior of the animate or inanimate entity in response to the above-mentioned situation.

Impact- Finally, good feedback will also carry information about the impact that the behavior of the animate or inanimate entity had on the patient.

The presence of the above-mentioned features makes any feedback wholesome that contains complete information about a patient’s journey. This information can now be efficiently used to improve the patient experience.