The art of feedback

Rajagopal February 07, 2018
All of us have been requested occasionally to fill up feedback forms. They usually contain a bunch of rating questions. Most forms are made for ease of analysis, rather than to elicit good quality feedback. They leave a lot unsaid and unheard.

A better feedback process would capture the context and emotion of the customer. It goes beyond what the customer had to say. It captures how they said it, and may be even importantly what they left unsaid. Is there an emotion in the feedback? Is there a story, a memory that the patient will carry back from their hospital experience? Can this be captured?

We know it can be done. Over the years, we have discovered ways to connect with and open up a customer to speak. Small things make a difference. For example, the format of feedback, how it is administered, interviewer profile, their approach, how they connect with their audience, at what point in the conversation do they ask questions, structured format or unstructured conversation .. and hundreds of such others. We may have actually taken this to an art form.

Once you go beyond scratching the surface, it is amazing to hear the stories from your customers, their experiences and how they were made to feel the way they felt. The little things they expected but did not find and how easy it is, many a times, to regain their trust and confidence - an essential element in making them refer your business to their friends and family.

So forget the ratings, look for customer emotions in your feedback process. Connect with them. Engage them.