The Concept

Forum is a pioneer in patient experience management and has developed “Patient Smile”, a complete solution that is a set of tools, systems and processes to improve the patient centricity of hospital staff and loyalty as well as the number of referrals from every patient that walks out of the hospital.

We work with hospitals on multiple fronts - engaging with the patients through out their journey at the hospital, capturing their emotions and impressions along the way, alerting the relevant staff members in case of any areas of improvement, creating action items, escalating unaddressed action items through the hierarchy of the hospital - all of these help the hospital in turning every patient into a promoter of the hospital.

Simultaneously as part of “Patient Smile”, we work on improving the engagement and commitment of the hospital staff towards the hospital. After all, ensuring happy employees is one of the pre-requisites to smiling patients.

The strength of this solution is the contextualised approach to patient care using the best of mobile and web technologies, trained staff and mature set of processes. It allows the hospital to focus on each patient at a time and turn every patient into a loyal customer and a fanatic promoter of the hospital. When done diligently over a period of time, this results in improved brand image - the sum of all smiles generated!