We believe delivering superior patient experience is the only long term sustainable growth initiative that a hospital can pursue. We work with hospitals that have a similar belief and have the courage to act on it.

Our promise: Every patient leaves your hospital knowing they received the best possible care

Every interaction with the hospital leaves an impression on the patient. The idea is to encourage caregivers on the ground to continuously think and act so as to leave the best possible impression at every interaction. We help the hospitals achieve this with a proven set of policies, processes and systems.

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Patient Experience

Journey is just as important as the destination. It isn't a walk in the park, but what can you do about it?


Employee Engagement

Engaged employees deliver superior patient experiences. Are your employees engaged?


Encashing Goodwill

Leverage social media platforms.
Let the good will go viral.
Spread the goodword


Advisory Consulting

We know what it takes to get there. We have done it before.
We can help you.



Forum Business Research helps hospitals in improving brand image online&offline.

'000 of Patient Experiences

'000 Alerts Raised

'000 More Happy Patients

'000 +Ve Google Reviews


Modern Dashboard

Dashboard speaks for themselves. Benchmark your hospitals performance based on Patient perceptions.

Free Updates & Support

We strive for improvement and have the latest updates in Patient Experience Management with full time support.

Tiled Layout

Tiles in the dashboard helps in understanding every interaction of patient with the hospital.

Satisfied Patients

Patients interactions with the hospital & care givers is captured which helps the hospital in managing their experience.

Real Time. Actionable.

Real time alerts to the hospital staff. Actions can be taken anywhere and anytime on the go.

Fully Customizable

Reports can be customized as per hospitals needs. Easy data selection and report downloads.

24/7 Support

Email and On Call support is available all the time to ensure your questions are answered.

Daily/Weekly Summary

Never miss any patient's journey experience with the powerful Daily/Weekly reports.

Preset Controls

Controls to view the reports is in your hands. Management can decide who can see the reports.


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